First Day

When I was younger, I used to put oodles of time and energy into picking out the perfect First Day outfit.  I mean–there are all those sayings about first impressions for a reason.  Guess what?  I still do!  And, I’m not too proud to admit that.

For the first day, I usually err on the side of more conservative rather than less.  I feel that it is important that I set myself apart from the students and actually look the role of the teacher in addition to acting like it.  It also has a two-fold effect.  When you are new and wondering around the halls trying to get your bearings, it’s a good thing to look like a faculty member.  I have found that this cuts down on the awkwardness when I start using the copy machine to make a zillion copies of the syllabus or pop into the faculty lounge for lunch.

Fall Semester 2011 First Day Outfit

Cardigan: Old Navy. Dress: Merona for Target (thrifted.) Red Belt: thrifted. Shoes: Fioni for Payless. Jewelry: Earrings (unknown). Watch: Fossil. Bracelet: Gift from sister.

Accessories make the outfit!

Bracelet: Gift from sister. Earrings: unknown. Shoes: Fioni for Payless.


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