Closet and Clothes Rotation

I have never been one to have a closet of clothes that I rotate with the seasons.  That is until now.  Don’t be fooled– this isn’t something that I did intentionally.  I am not that good to have my closet color-coordinated, or even categorized by item, function, or anything else for that matter.

It was happenstance.  When my BF and I moved in together my wardrobe space was cut in half.  Actually, more than half.  (Or less then half. Whatever, I’m still not over it.)  I went from having a large closet, two dressers, and an entire bedroom floor to contain my wardrobe to the bottom row of a four-foot section of the closet and a six-drawer dresser. Period.

The tiny section of closet for my ALL my hanging clothes. (FAIL.)

There isn’t nearly enough space for all of my clothes.  (Before you go being all judgey, bear in mind that I did my time working retail and racked up quite a bit of clothing.)

Currently, I have my hanging clothes in the hall closet.  But, as Fall approaches I think it would be wise to move jackets and coats into an accessible part of the hall closet and somehow relocate my wardrobe to the bedroom closet.

My wardrobe in the hall closet.

The top row of dresser drawers are stuffed full with undergarments, socks, pantyhose, and swimwear.  The middle row holds tank tops, sleeveless shirts and t-shirts.  And the bottom row is filled with jeans, shorts, and work-out wear/pajamas.

Overflowing Drawers

The rest of my wardrobe is sealed in plastic clothes bags hidden under the bed.  The three-day weekend may just be the perfect time to replace the tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and shorts with more transitional pieces and Fall-friendly items.  If Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, then I suppose I will be working on rotating my wardrobe. (Pun-intended!)


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