(non) Labor Day

Striped sweater: Old Navy. White tank top: Old Navy. Bracelet: $1. Watch: Fossil.

Striped sweater: Old Navy. White tank top: Old Navy. White Jeans: Gap (thrifted). Bracelet: $1. Watch: Fossil. Brown flats: Wal-Mart.

Ahhh, Labor Day.  I had the pleasure of not laboring on Labor Day.  There was no class for me or my students.  Instead, I was able to enjoy a nice day of family time.  Labor Day marks the (unofficial) end of summer, and to bid it adieu in fashion, I wore white.  Yes, there is a stigma attached to wearing white after Labor Day, as evidenced by my BF who exclaimed, “You can’t wear white!”  But, I can and I did.

Curious as to where the idea originated that you can’t wear white I did a quick Google search.  My findings suggest that there is some debate about whether it applies only to white shoes, or to white clothing in general.  From what I can tell, it appears to mostly be a slight towards white shoes.  And the reason may be logical or socially based, depending upon which expert you believe.

Logically, it seems that white clothes were designed to help stay cool during the warm summer months.  And white garments were frequently made of lightweight fabrics like linen.  For this reason, it makes no sense to wear white colored clothes or lightweight fabrics after summer has ended.

Or, you may be a believer that wearing white clothing was something that the well-to-do did when they vacationed to warmer climates like Panama and upon their return to work and school in the fall white had no place.  Those that observed this rule were upper-class and noble–those that broke this rule were middle or lower class and were crass.  By observing and following the so-called “rules” you could catapult yourself into a higher social standing.

Regardless of whether you believe that the rule is logically or socially based, applies only to shoes or to all clothes, it seems that the truly Fashionable (with a capital F) break this rule intentionally.  I suppose it’s like grammar– you are aloud to break the rules if you know them and are doing it intentionally.  Either way, someone coined the term Winter White for a reason and you very well may be seeing me pull out these pants again once the snow begins to fall.


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