Thrift Store Gold

Last week after class, I stopped by the Goodwill store in search of some specific items.  Woah! did the thrift Gods smile upon me!  Here are the goodies that I got:

Grey pants: Ann Taylor (thrifted) $7.50

Grey pants: Ann Taylor (thrifted.) $7.50

I can admit that when I go to the thrift store, I like to look for brand names.  I figure, how the heck else am I going to acquire such top notch pieces?  I looked these pants up online and nearest that I can deduce they retail between $78 and $148.  (I’m not sure exactly which style they are.)

Blue blouse: Banana Republic. (thrifted.) $3.50

Blue blouse: Banana Republic (thrifted.) $3.50

This abstract blue silk blouse caught my attention in a sea of short-sleeved blouses.  I immediately knew that I could pair it with my blue blazer.

The other perk of shopping for brand names, or brands that you are familiar with, is that you know their sizing.  For example, at Old Navy I wear a size 4 in their denim and a size 6 or 8 in their twill or dress pants.  This is helpful when I am shopping secondhand stores.  Sometimes they don’t have a fitting room.  And sometimes I just don’t want to try the clothes on before they have been washed and dried and smell like my fabric softener instead of thrift store sterilization.  (What is that stuff, anyway?)

Speaking of Old Navy, I bought this pink button-down to go with a brown corduroy pencil skirt that I have in my closet, so be on the lookout for that pairing soon.

Up close view of the ribbon detailing

Also, I couldn’t resist the sweet ribbon detailing around the cuffs and down the front placket.  Or the price.  It was tagged at $2.50, but it was the color of the day, so it was half-off.  That’s right, this little number cost me $1.25.  I’d say that’s a steal.

Remember this tweed blazer that I was coveting?  Yeah, the one that cost $518– which is more than my rent!  Well, my main purpose for going to the thrift store that day was to find a tweed blazer.  And I did.

Pink tweed blazer: (thrifted.) $ 6.00

This one has the blazer-like construction of the too-expensive version that I liked.  It also has a two-button stance.  It is pink-ish, but not the pepto-bismol pink of Jacqueline Kennedy’s tweed suit.  So, I put it into the cart.  However, I had some resevations about whether or not it was what I wanted.  Also, there was a question of size.  It is a size or two bigger than I normally wear.  I tried it on in the store and looking down at myself I couldn’t see any major fit issues.  Plus, it was also the color of the day– meaning, it was $3.00 instead of $6.00.  Into the cart it went.  And alongside it went this two-piece set:

Brown tweed suit: Ann Taylor. (thrifted.) $8.00

This one is name brand: Ann Taylor, but the jacket lacked that blazer construction that I was looking for.  Although, I did like the color better than the pink-ish one.  And, it was my size.  The fact that it came as part of a set was a bonus– I don’t anticipate wearing both pieces together.  But, I can see myself wearing the skirt and the jacket separately in several different applications.  At $8.00 this was the most expensive item that I bought, but I thought that it was worth it.

My total for the shopping excursion came in at just over $20.00 for a new pair of grey dress pants, a silk short-sleved blouse, a 3/4 sleeved button down shirt, a tweed blazer, and a 2 piece tweed suit.  To me, it was all worth it and I can’t wait to add these new pieces into my wardrobe.


8 comments on “Thrift Store Gold

  1. Suzanne says:

    Just found your blog – cute! I ♥ thrifting too, big time.

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. you got so much great stuff! i especially love that banana republic shirt. it could look cute with pretty much anything, a high waisted pencil skirt or those pants etc. you should post pictures of your outfits you put together with it!

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  4. This is a cool blog! How long have you been writing?

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