Blue blazer (thrifted.) Blue blouse: Banana Republice (thrifted.) Gray pants: Ann Taylor (thrifted.) Gray belt: (thrifted.)

Yesterday, I lectured about outlining.  I try to impress upon my students that it is important to thoroughly think through the idea’s in your speech.  Everything should be done purposefully and not haphazardly.  I want them to have a reason for selecting the organizational pattern, attention-grabber, supporting materials and visual aid that they choose.  Some of the choices they make will be based on gut instinct, while others will be made based on research and logic.

The above outfit was chosen based on gut instinct.  When I purchased the blue Banana Republic blouse and gray pants I didn’t intend to wear them together– but there they were sitting next to each other when I was getting dressed.  I did, however, intend to wear the blue blouse with the navy blue blazer!

Gray and black shoes: Payless. Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Gray belt: (thrifted.) Gold-ish bracelet: Jewelry Superstore

The gray belt was another thrift store find from the summer.  The gray and black patent shoes were purchased at Payless during a season-end clearance sale for $8.  The gold dangle earrings and gold-ish bracelet were chosen to coordinate with the gold button detail on the blouse.

While getting dressed I didn’t realize that nearly the entire outfit was thrifted– it didn’t dawn on me until I was driving to school that morning.  If I remember correctly, this outfit cost me about $29 total. (Blue blazer $7?, blue blouse $3.50, gray belt $1?, gray pants $3.50, black and gray shoes $8, gold earrings $5, gold-ish bracelet $1).


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