Functional Decoration– DIY Project

The past few days I’ve been sick and I’ve also been off from work.  I have taken that time to organize some of my stuff–namely the closet, my scarves, belts, and jewelry.  The jewelry organization has been my favorite, mostly because it was also part of a small decorating project.

DIY Project-- Functional Decoration

First, I sorted through my jewelry box and threw out some earrings with missing mates, some knotted necklaces, and cheap corroded jewelry that even the “Sell Your Gold” place wouldn’t be interested in.  Once I pared my jewelry box down to jewelry that I like and wear, I picked some of my favorite and display worthy pieces.

While I was out shopping, I picked up some green push pins that were on clearance for $1, some 1 1/2 in. brown knife-pleated ribbon (also on clearance for $1.50), and a small cork board that was 50% off ($3.00).  I set out the earrings and bracelets that I wanted to also include in my new display piece.  However, it was at this point that I realized that my cork board was going to be too small.

Luckily, I had a larger cork board from long ago that I was able to utilize.  It was already covered with a cream colored background, which worked perfectly in my color scheme.  All that was left to do was to cut a small piece of ribbon and pin on each pair of earrings.  Then, I used the green push pins to tack them onto the board.  Next, I added the 4 bracelets that I had chosen, and then the necklaces.

The finished product is perfect–it organizes my jewelry so that I can easily find it, and displays some of my favorite pieces.

Close up view of the push pins, ribbon, and paper display

This project was quick, easy, and cheap– it only cost $5.50 (and that’s including the small cork board that I purchased specifically for this project, but didn’t end up using.)


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