Out and About

This weekend my cousin got married and my sister and her husband were in town for the wedding.  There was lots of running around over the last 4 days and many different outfit opportunities.  (Some of which I managed to photograph, and some of which I did not.)  Here are some of the ones that made it onto the camera.

Thursday was a girls day.  My sister, mom, and I went out to breakfast, then we went shopping at the mall.  I was after a pair of peacock feather earrings to wear with my dress for the wedding.  There were several styles, but here are the ones that I chose:

3-pack of earrings, Body Central $3.90

After the mall, we went to the nail salon where my sister and I got pedicures and my mom got a manicure.  I always forget how much I like getting pedicures until after I go!

Pedicure at Nails Studio 1

After pedicures, my sister and I returned to my apartment to take a nap before the evening festivities.  We met up with many family members and friends at a local sports bar.  It was lots of fun to get together with everyone.  The next day I had to work.  However, I had the entire day off Saturday to get ready for the wedding and enjoy myself.

My sister and I went to the salon in JC Penney to get our hair done for the big event.  I had so much fun with my stylist– describing to her my peacock feather earrings and my dress.  I was very happy with my hairstyle.  After the hair salon, my sister and I cam back to the apartment to finish getting ready.  Then it was off to the wedding.  The weather was beautiful for an outside afternoon wedding.

Blue dress: JC Penney. Black cardigan: purchased in New York. Peacock-feather earrings: Body Central.

It was a great, but exhausting weekend!  Sunday I had to work all day and then prepare for the school week ahead.


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