Speeches– Informative

I was looking forward to today, until it got underway.  Have you ever had a day like that?  My students were scheduled to deliver their first speech today.  However, several of them had some sort of “emergency” that made it impossible for them to deliver their speech.  That left me in the difficult position of deciding who’s “emergency” was excusable and who’s was not.  This is not a fun predicament to be in.  I’d like to just say, “It’s o.k.” to all of them, but that makes it difficult to maintain a schedule.

Multi-colored purple scarf: Wal-Mart. Purple puff-sleeved shirt: Old Navy. Gray pants: Ann Taylor (thrifted.) Black open-toe wedges: Merona for Target. Silver star bracelet: Jewelry Superstore.

On speech day, I tend to dress slightly more casual than normal.  On speech days, I am part of the audience and I try to blend in ever so slightly, without losing control over the classroom.  That is one reason why I like speech days– I get to be a part of the audience.

It’s getting cooler here in the mid-west with the arrival of Fall, so this outfit is comprised of some summer elements: a short sleeved shirt and open-toed wedges, balanced with some Fall items– a large scarf and gray trousers.  It struck the perfect chord for a day like today.


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