Necesseties and Wants

Recently, I came across this article over at Dash Dot Dotty, and it really hit home for me.  I think sometimes that when you want to be fashionable and on-trend it means lots of shopping.  And while some items may be cheaper than others, it can often lead to a wardrobe that is “disposable.”  And that’s no good.  Yes, there are some things that you should always buy cheaply– trendy items that you are just dabbling in and may not like, white tank tops and t-shirts that need to be replaced often to maintain their whiteness, shoes to match the bridesmaid dress you will only wear once. . . .

And, the increase in shopping can often lead to the land of thrift stores.  Thrifting can be tons of fun, and can unearth vintage treasures that may have been lost forever.  But, it can also lead to a closet full of slightly ill-fitting clothing.  Sometimes it can be hard to pass up a name brand item when it’s only a couple of bucks– even if it’s slightly too-short in the sleeves, too long, too baggy, too tight, has a small hole or stain, etc.

So, what’s a girl to do?  Well, I find it helpful to read other blogs about fashion.  I am often inspired by someone else’s outfit to recreate a similar look with pieces in my own closet– no shopping needed.  And, sometimes I am challenged to pick pieces that I already own and re-work them in ways that I have never dreamed possible.  (Although I have never participated in Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge, I whole-heartedly agree with the concept.)

Also, I think that doing laundry frequently helps.  That way, all the clothes I own are in the closet and when I am getting dressed I can see them and wear them.  It’s hard to say “I have nothing to wear” when your closet and dresser drawers are bursting with items just waiting to come out and see the light of day.


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