Supporting Materials– contrasts and comparisons

Purple scarf: Wal-Mart. Gray peacoat: Old Navy. Skinny jeans: Target. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe.

I wore this outfit to class yesterday.  We discussed finding and using supporting materials.  When I woke up it was gloomy and rainy and I used that to guide me in getting dressed.  It was a little chilly, hence the need for a jacket and a scarf.  The scarf is serving mostly as an accessory, it wasn’t  that cold.

I know, you are probably gasping to yourself thinking, “Are you allowed to wear jeans?!?”  Well, yes.  The only real requirement is that I come to class clothed.  The other “rules” are somewhat self-imposed.  (Remember last week when I lectured on dressing for the occasion?)  But, every once in a while I think that it is good to remind my students that, like them, I am a multi-faceted person who is more than just the clothes that I wear.

Underneath the gray peacoat and scarf I wore a pink, brown, and cream plaid button-up and a slouchy brown boyfriend cardigan.  I fastened my large-faced watch over the sleeve of my cardigan for easy viewing–it is important that I manage my time well during class.

Pink and brown button-up: Old Navy. Brown boyfriend cardigan: Target. Skinny jeans: Target. Brown boots: unknown. Large faced watch: Wal-Mart.

Although this outfit may not scream “TEACHER!” it is still pulled-together and appropriate.  Besides, I told my students all about how they can use contrasts and comparisons to help the audience understand their topic better.  This outfit is an example of a comparison–in this outfit I look more like them than different from them.  On Wednesday, I will wear a contrasting outfit– or one that makes me look less like them.  Stay tuned.


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