Thrift Store Finds

As promised, here is the loot I scored on my recent shopping trip.  My first stop was at Elder Beerman.  And I found several things that were on my list.  First, a pair of gray tights.  They were on clearance for .99 cents because they were missing their packaging.  I also picked up a black tissue turtleneck for $19.99 that will be great for layering.  Lastly, I purchased some jewelry.  I really wanted some bauble-y rings, but I couldn’t find any that I absolutely loved.  So, I passed.  I did pick up a necklace and a bracelet.  They were buy one get one free!

Blue baubles necklace: Elder Beerman

This necklace was $22.00.  The bracelet was $18.00, so for the pair it cost $22.00!!

Three strand pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman

Total Elder Beerman purchase: $43- $30 gift card= $13

My next stop was at JC Penney.  I have been looking for some skinny pants, but everyone is on this baby bell kick.  I like that look, too, but I have several pairs of boots that I want to rock this fall/winter.  I found some at Target, but they were $25 on sale.  I know that’s not a lot, but I’m cheap.  So, when I saw these on sale for $20 I had to try them on.  And, they fit great.

Khaki colored twill skinny pants: JC Penney

My big dilemma was trying to decide on the khaki or black.  The khaki I can wear with my brown boots, gray boots, and black boots.  But, the black would look great with my (several) pairs of black boots, but not the brown or gray.  I tried to talk myself out of it, but I ended up buying both the khaki and black.

Total JC Penney purchase: $40- $15 gift card= $25

My third, and final stop of the day was the Goodwill.  There are several things that I have been looking for– a tie neck blouse, cheap accessories, etc.  This blouse was ticketed $3.50, but it was also the color of the day, so it was half-off.  Therefore, this name-brand sheer blouse was a definite do.

Sheer blouse: Ann Taylor (thrifted.)

The black and tan color palette isn’t one that I normally choose, (I sometimes still think that you shouldn’t mix black and brown) but something about this blouse spoke to me.  And it was only $1.75.  Plus, I could see myself wearing it with either color of my newly purchased skinny pants.

Animal print blouse: (thrifted.)

A tie neck blouse is an item that I have been searching  for at the thrift store.  It’s a perfect thrift store item–but I kept turning up empty.  Until this trip.  I found this animal print blouse.  I wasn’t sure if I loved it, or not, but I put it into the cart for consideration.  I also picked up 2 other animal print blouses.  In the end, when I was going through my first round picks, I decided that I was only going to buy 1 animal print shirt, and since I have been craving a tie-neck blouse I made this my purchase.  Because I was willing to forgo the other items, I was o.k. with spending $6 on this blouse.  That’s my animal next to the blouse, Cosmo.

Fashion pictures bracelet: (thrifted.)

This is the last item that I purchased at the thrift store.  I have been trying to accessorize more, and the thrift sore is a great place to find jewelry.  This Fashion icon bracelet was only $3.00, and with it’s homage to shoes and purses I had a hard time saying “no.”

Total thrift store purchases: $10.75

Total shopping excursion: $47.75

I am super excited about my purchases, and I feel that the pieces that I selected all have great use value.  At least that’s how I justify spending $50 on an afternoon of shopping.  Check back soon to see how I incorporate these new items into my wardrobe.


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