Visual Aids

Black 3/4 sleeve blouse: Old Navy. Gray shift dress: Merona for Target. Belt: unknown. Watch: Fossil. Roses: present from my sister.

As promised, I wore a more traditional “teacher” outfit to class today.  We discussed visual aids and how they can be used to increase speaker credibility and persuasiveness,  listener engagement, understanding, and recall.  Therefore, I think that this outfit certainly helps to establish my credibility as the leader of the class.

Although sometimes it can feel like getting dressed up is more difficult than something like the jeans and a button-up that I wore on Monday, it’s really not.  Here, for example, I am only wearing a blouse and a dress.  On Monday, I had on a tank-top, button-up shirt, cardigan, and jeans.  (And undergarments!  Sheesh, people.)

The accessories here are very simple.  I am wearing diamond hoop earrings, which I think of as my “everyday” earrings, my silver bracelet watch (again, an everyday accessory) and a black stretchy belt.  I tried out 3 different necklaces with this outfit.

Sea-shell necklace: KMart. Pendant necklace: Charlotte Russe. Black-bead necklace: unknown.

But, none of them made the cut.  With the neckline of the dress and the belt I didn’t like the way any of the 3 necklaces fell.  So, I went without one.  For footwear, I went with my basic black pumps.  Again, there were several other shoes that I tried: purple peep toes, black t-straps, and a black mary-jane, but the basic black pumps had the look and feel that I was going for.

Nude tights: JC Penney. Black pumps: Fioni for Payless.

After class today I went shopping at Elder Beerman, JC Penney, Goodwill, and Target. Check back for the details on my fabulous finds!


One comment on “Visual Aids

  1. […] which accessory to wear with an outfit, be it shoes, earrings, necklace, or bracelets, I will put on one of each and compare the attributes.  In this instance, I know that I wanted to pair the blue outfit with […]

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