Project: Rings

Lately, I have been shopping for more accessories to spice up my outfits.  I have really wanted to add some rings to my growing collection.  But, most of the rings that I find are either too large or too expensive.  Yes, I have admitted several times that I am cheap.  And, I don’t particularly want to pay $15-$20 for some cheap baubly rings.  To me, that is too much.

Well, I had this epiphany that I could make the type of ring that I was looking for.  I found some buttons at Wal-Mart that I thought would make great inexpensive rings!  Plus, there were three buttons on the one card and two buttons on the other.  I thought that was great–since I was sort of just winging this project.  But, I needed something to attach the buttons to.  So, I went to  Michael’s Craft store and found some ring findings.

Button cards: Wal-Mart. Ring findings: Michael's.

The ring findings each had two hoops to fasten my buttons, but I only needed one.  I used a pair of wire cutters to remove on of the hooks.

Each finding had two hoops to attach baubles

The ring finding with one hoop removed.









I had anticipated using clear thread to fasten the button onto the ring finding, but that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.  So, I revamped my technique and pulled out my trusty glue gun.  I removed the button shank, and pushed the hoop on the finding as far into the hole as possible before adding a dollop of hot glue to secure it.

Side view of the button hot-glued to the ring finding


Although it worked, I was a little unhappy with how high up the button sat.  It is nearly impossible to tell when looking straight down at the ring, but when looking at it from a different angle it is quite apparent.

The finished button-ring

I repeated the process of removing one of the hoops for the second ring.  Then, I removed the shank from the back of the button.  However, I was in for a small surprise.  The black “jewel” was held in place of the gold frame by the shank.  With this one, I had to hot glue the black jewel back into the gold frame before hot gluing the button onto the ring finding.  Again, I was a little unhappy with how high off the ring the button sits.  The mix of the silver ring and the gold button didn’t bother me since I knew that you wouldn’t see the ring, but my boyfriend had a small problem with it.

Black and Gold button ring


Bothered by the height the hoop caused, I looked for some different ring findings at Jo Ann Fabrics— I was picking up some fabric for another project on my to-do list.  And I found some!  So, stay tuned for another, better, round of button-rings!



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