Project: Ring Re-do

As I promised, here are the second crop of button rings that I made.  The first one is made with all new buttons, while the second and third examples are re-do’s of the original.

Here are the pieces and parts for this project:

Button card from Jo Ann Fabrics

Flat topped ring finding from Jo Ann Fabrics

Besides the buttons and ring findings, I also used a pair of wire cutters to remove the shanks from the buttons and hot glue to affix everything together.

The button shank that needs to be removed

Button with the shank removed

Here is the before: the button with the shank, and the after: the button with the shank removed.  Now, I am ready to stack the three buttons and hot glue everything together.

The 3 buttons stacked and ready to be mounted

The completed button ring

My newly made button-ring

Re-do of the first and second button ring that I originally made:

Button Ring Redo

Button Ring Redo 2

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  1. Awesome website and extremely informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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