Blue Moon

Blue button-down: Worthington for JC Penney. Black reversible belt: Wal-Mart. Blue trousers: Merona for Target. Blue bauble necklace: Elder Beerman. Silver bracelet watch: Fossil for JC Penney. Button ring: self-made. Gray and black shoes: Payless.

My wardrobe used to be comprised mostly of red.  And then, it felt like that was the only color that I was wearing.  So, I branched out with purple.  And then, it became overly purple.  Last year, I bought these gray boots, and then fell in love with gray not only as a neutral, but also as a color.  By default, most of my teaching clothes are black and/or gray.  But lately, I have been wearing a lot of blue.  The outfit that I wore for date night was comprised of a blue and white shirt with blue corduroys.  And this outfit is a blue shirt with blue pants, again.  It’s funny how you don’t notice these idiosyncrasies until you blog your outfits.

Black and gray shoes: Payless.

Today, my students had their midterm.  I was nervous– was it too long, was it too hard, would they do well, etc.  But, all that worrying was for naught.  They all finished it with ample time to spare and they did well.  Actually, it might have been a bit on the easy side, but I am O.K. with that.  After all, it wasn’t like I was trying to trick them– I wanted to assess their knowledge of the major concepts that we have discussed thus far.  Next class is their second informative speech.  I have my fingers crossed that they all hit a homerun.



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