Sparkles are for Evening

My BF and I finally broke the cycle of going out on date night to the same 3 restaurants and went to a place where I had never been: The Galaxy.  They have 3 different restaurants– a sports bar, a wine room, and the dining room.  We were torn between the wine room and the dining room, but since we didn’t make reservations we were left with no choice but the dining room.

The Galaxy is a somewhat fancy restaurant.  So, I had a little trouble deciding what to wear.  I wanted to dress up, but it has also been quite rainy and chilly here lately, so I had that working against me.  Also, I always seem to have a problem coming up with a dressy outfit that is not too business-y.

First, I tried a gray version of this outfit here.  If the grays had been closer in color, I think it might have worked better.  Or maybe they needed to be more contrasting, I don’t know.  The bottom line is that this outfit did not work for me.

Gray turtleneck: Old Navy. Gray shift dress: Merona for Target. Gray tights: Elder Beerman.


After trying on several other combination’s of dresses with layering pieces, I consulted Pinterest for some inspiration.  I found some creative inspiration and decided to try the royal blue dress that I wore at two different weddings this summer.  I thought that by pairing it with black it would help to make it more seasonal and dress it down slightly.  Here is the result:

Black sweater cardigan: Old Navy. Blue dress: JC Penney. Black fishnets: Target. Black and gray shoes: Payless.

I liked this outfit, but didn’t love it.  I was afraid that I might be slightly uncomfortable eating dinner at a fancy restaurant in a (slightly) bulky sweater coat.  Also, I couldn’t quite get the tie belt fashioned in a way that satisfied me.  (But, this outfit does have merit for the future.)  Next, I tried building an outfit around my sequined gray tank.  Mostly, I was having trouble making my dressy elements warm enough for the season.  This is the outfit that I settled on:

Gray sequines shirt: JC Penney. Navy blazer: (thrifted.) Gray pants: Ann Taylor (thrifted.) Blue bauble necklace: Elder Beerman. Silver bracelet watch: Fossil. Black and gray shoes: Payless.

I was both warm and comfortable in this outfit, however I still thought that it looked a little more office skewed than fancy dinner date.  Perhaps a gray pencil skirt would have made a difference?  Or a navy blue cardigan instead of a blazer?  What do you think?


One comment on “Sparkles are for Evening

  1. I think it’s really cute. I need a sequined top like that.

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