Wording a Speech

Today, I lectured on word choice in a speech.  Now that we are in the last third of the semester, I want the students to start elevating their speeches through strategic use of things like word choice.  I would like to say that I wore an elevated outfit, but I didn’t.  I once remember reading a monthly column in a magazine that was called something like “Your Outift” and it showed how real women got dressed in the morning.  There are often times that I end up with some really un-stylish outfits and I think to myself– how did I end up wearing this?  Well, here is the journey of how I ended up with a basic, un-elevated outfit on this particular morning.

8:00 am. It started with an idea.  I had paired my black and tan LOFT shirt with black skinnies and brown heeled sandals for a date night, but I had not worn it to class.  I thought about making it more sophisticated by playing down the brown and playing up the black. I had envisioned wearing this outfit:

Black and tan sheer blouse: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted.) Black pencil skirt: Old Navy.

However, it was a little chilly for a sheer shirt, so I tried layering it with a 3/4 sleeved v-neck black shirt.  But, the necklines didn’t mesh well together.  So, I abandoned the outfit for something else.

8:12 am. I shied away from a skirt after looking at the weather report and instead pulled these wide-legged pinstriped trousers from my closet.  I rotated my dresser over the weekend, stowing away all of my summer items, and re-stocking my drawers with long-sleeved t-shirts, cardigans, and sweaters.  Noticing that I have been wearing lots of brown and blue, and few other colors, I purposely chose this red sweater.

Red 3/4 sleeve sweater: Old Navy. Black ruffled tanktop: Old Navy. Black pinstriped pants: Old Navy.

But, as I was doing my makeup I noticed a small hole near the hem of this sweater.  Sadly, I have no room in my closet or dresser for items that are in need of repair, or have limited use capabilities.

Hole-y clothes go to clothes heaven

8: 20 am. So, I tossed this shirt into the pile of clothes that need to be thrown away or donated from the closet rotation this weekend.  That meant that I was back to the drawing board.

Clothes that didn't make the cut

8:24 am. I quickly scanned my drawers for another shirt that I could slip on with the pinstriped pants and black ruffled tank.  I tried a gray short-sleeved sweater but noticed that it looked worn.  I threw that into the clothes heaven pile, along with a purple shirt that I really love but always makes me feel fat.

8:29 am. I tried this teal sweater, but thought that the teal was too dark and saturated to be paired with black.

Teal 3/4 sleeved shirt: Gift from sister-in-law. Black pinstriped pants: Old Navy.

8:32 am.  Finally, I decided that the black pants weren’t going to make an appearance today, and grabbed two elements that I knew would work together.

Brown key-hole sweater: Unknown. Brown herringbone pants: Unknown. Brown Boots: Payless.

8:45 am. I hurriedly finished my makeup, threw some bread in the toaster, packed my bag and was out the door.  Because it took me so long to come up with an outfit, the accessories were minimal.  If I remember correctly, I wore my oversized gold watch and bronze hoop earrings.  Obviously, I didn’t take these pictures on Monday, or I never would have made it to class!



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