Project: Pajama Pants

I love projects.  I like the idea of creating something from nothing, the thrill of seeing something and recreating it to fit my specifications and budget.  I like the whole idea of projects.  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to say “I made that!”  I think I get this from my mom who is an avid sewer.  Someday, I would like to say that I am an advanced sewer, but I think I need a few more projects under my belt before I can say that.  Right now, I mostly choose projects that are simple: pillows, curtains, etc.  Plus, I have trouble with several things: zippers, sleeves, button holes, modifying patterns, and getting a fits-like-a-glove garment.  But that just leaves me something to work towards.

This past weekend, I made a pair of pajama pants for my BF.  A few weeks ago, I was messing around with making a pair of sleeves for my Halloween costume and as I was rifling through my box of patterns I was reminded how simple it is to whip up a pair of p.j.’s.  Plus, my BF is very tall and complains about his p.j.’s either being too short, or too big in the waist to get the length.  Something about cold ankles.  So, I offered to make him a pair of p.j. pants.

First, I washed and dried the fabric on Saturday afternoon.  While I was doing this, I also selected my pattern and read through the complete instructions.  I actually have several pants patterns– some with drawstrings, some with elastic waistbands, some with pockets, some without.  Then, I ironed the pattern pieces and prepared them for the fabric.  Next, I pinned my pattern pieces to the fabric and cut them out.

On Sunday, I had my BF select the color of thread that he wanted and took a few final measurements.  Then, I sewed the pants together.  It only took a few hours to complete the project.  Afterward, my BF had a custom pair of p.j.’s that fit in the waist and the length!

While working on this project, I also came across another pattern that I forgot I had for a skirt.  I am thinking that I may just get my black lace skirt, yet!


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  1. Nice blog! Thank you for sharing!

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