Purple Ties and Golden Leaves

Purple silk tie-neck blouse: JC Penney. Khaki dress pants: JC Penney. Bracelet watch: Fossil. Purple cluster earrings: Wal-Mart. Brown pointed toe shoes: (thrifted.)

Today was a frustrating day.  I had planned to show a video to my class, but it wouldn’t play.  Of course it plays just fine on my laptop, but not on the computer at school.  That put a kink in my plans because part of their quiz questions were based off of the video.  I warn my students all the time about the perils of visual aids and technology!   I went ahead on to the next part of class– a group project.  They were to rank items for survival individually, and then partner up and rank them as a group–coming to a consensus among themselves.  Afterward, I gave them the answers and they were to calculate how they ranked as an individual and then as a group.  Ideally, they should have done better as a group than they did as an individual.  This exercise starts to get at persuasion.  Why were they persuaded to rank something higher or lower than they did originally?  I asked them to analyze their results and prepare an oral presentation that they would be delivering next time.

The second kink came when one of the students told me that she had to leave early.  This made it difficult for her partner to complete the second part of the assignment.  Arrghh.  But, the show must go on.  After that student left, I dissolved the groups and  had them take the quiz and just disregard the 3 questions that dealt with watching the video.  Oh, and to add insult to injury it’s rainy.

Khaki dress pantsL JC Penney. Brown pointy-toed shoes: (thrifted.)

I am wearing my new clothes, though.  This is the debut of the tie-neck blouse, khaki dress pants, and pointy-toed shoes.  I like the blouse very much.  The pants are just o.k.  They don’t seem to fit as well as I would like them too.  I may need to continue looking for a pair of dressy khaki pants.  The shoes were better than expected.  I could have worn my purple peep toes, but I decided that was too matchy-matchy.  I could have worn my nude round toe pumps, but they didn’t look right with the hem of the pants.  The brown shoes gave off the right vibe.  Plus, I thought that I would ease myself into wearing pointy-toed shoes by pairing them with pants before going all out and wearing them with a skirt.


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