Thanksgiving 1

I tricked you!  Not on purpose or maliciously, but I led you (and me!) to believe that I was going to wear my navy button up, trouser jeans, and tan accents to my parents for Thanksgiving.  However, when I put the outfit on it just felt wrong.  The shirt was too crisp for the occasion.  I tried on several different outfits– but none of them had the vibe that I was going for.

And then I came up with it.  (Sadly, it involved wearing a cardigan that my BF has expressed that he dislikes, but I felt good in it, and that is what matters.)

Purple tie-neck blouse: Worthington for JC Penney. Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Jeans: Mossimo for Target.

Here I am making crescent rolls with my mom:

The table set for our feast:

And, the star of the show: the TURKEY! He was delicious.

Today, I am going to Thanksgiving 2 with my BF to his family’s house.  Stop back to see what I wore.


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