Sometimes, when I find myself with a little extra time on my hands, I like to play dress-up.  You know, ala the music montage in The Sweetest Thing.  Don’t judge!  Anyway, I have a red gingham button down that I don’t wear all that often.  Part of the problem is that I tend to feel like a walking picnic blanket when I do wear it.  But, with the help of some other style bloggers and Pinterest, I had a few ideas that I wanted to test run.  Here are a few of the ways that I tried incorporating my red gingham button down into outfits:

First, I paired it with my blue blazer and skinny jeans.  I liked this outfit.  Next, I swapped out the blue blazer for the blue cardigan.  Essentially the same outfit, but I added the red sparkly belt for some waist definition and nude heels to make it slightly more dressy.  I liked this outfit, too, but I also wanted to try and find a color combination besides red, white, and blue.

I kept the same base, but changed the topper.  I put on a cream colored sweater and let the collar, sleeves, and bottom of the button up peek out.  I added the brown belt for some waist definition and to hold down all the layers!  I completed the look with my brown boots.  I love the way the brown boots and belt match perfectly, but the button down is a little big and tended to bunch and gather in some odd ways.  But, let’s be honest- I would totally wear this outfit.  Lastly, I exchanged the belt for my long gold necklace.  The outfit looked okay, but I think it really needs that waist definition from the belt.

What do you think?  Is there one that you like more than the others?  Drop me a line and let me know.  What items do you have in your closet that are difficult to wear?


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