Persuasive Speeches

My students delivered their persuasive speeches on Monday.  One of the points that I really tried to drive home is that a persuasive speech is an informative speech with an emotional appeal and a call to action.  However, some of my students were still stuck in informative mode.  Maybe I should have shown them some Sally Struthersvideo’s. Or this one, for animal cruelty.  Next time, next time.

I was able to be a member of the audience, so I went with a more casual outfit for the occasion.  I tried on an outfit with this cardigan to wear to Thanksgiving 1 a few weeks ago, but my BF commented that it looked too causal.  (I had on a white long sleeved t-shirt underneath.)  To remedy that, I paired it with my purple silk blouse and khaki colored skinnies instead of denim.

Argyle pattern cardigan: Old Navy. Purple tie-neck blouse: JC Penney. Khaki skinnies: JC Penney. Brown boots: Old Navy.


Wednesday is the last official day of classes, and then next Wednesday is their final exam.  Then, the book will be closed for Fall Semester 2011.  I’m excited, but it’s always a little bittersweet.


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  1. good idea im gonna try it

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