Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I saw this dress today and fell in lust with it.  It certainly reminds me of Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic white dress.  I think that sparkly gold would be fabulous for semi-formal events.  But, since I don’t have any on my calendar I’m not sure it’s a worthwhile purchase.  I tried to think of some ways to dress it down and make it appropriate for teaching– but the only idea I came  up with while walking around the store was a black cardigan and black tights.  But, I questioned whether or not it would work.  I also thought about putting a shirt over the top, so that it would be like wearing a gold knife pleated skirt.  However, this is an out of the box look for me and I’m not sure.  So, I ask you dear readers, should I or shouldn’t I purchase this dress?  It is currently on sale for $39.99– originally $60.



3 comments on “Should I or Shouldn’t I?

  1. Kenzie Faith says:

    Ooh, it’s so beautiful! I guess you just have to ask yourself, “If I don’t buy this, will I regret it?” I know there are a lot of purchases I didn’t make that I definitely regret! And for the price cut… Another great advantage!

  2. UPDATE: I won $50 in a contest at my 2nd job, and immediately knew what to do with it– buy this dress and a chambray shirt. I went to the JC Penney on the other side of town in the mall, and tried on this dress. But, the medium was too big and the only small was on the mannequin. I wasn’t in the mood to ask the sales lady to remove it, so I am planning on going back to the original JC Penney and trying on the smaller size. If it fits, it’s mine!

  3. […] at my 2nd job and immediately knew what to spend it on– this dress that I lamented over in an earlier post.  Then, by some stroke of luck, I found $100 that I had forgotten about.  (Maybe it’s […]

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