Preparing for Spring– Semester, that is.

I am preparing for Spring semester.  And while that means that I should be writing my syllabus and gathering together my teaching plan, it currently means adding a few items to my teaching wardrobe.  Oops.  I won $50 at my 2nd job and immediately knew what to spend it on– this dress that I lamented over in an earlier post.  Then, by some stroke of luck, I found $100 that I had forgotten about.  (Maybe it’s because I started out the New Year with pork and sauerkraut!)  I combined that with the $50 bonus and a $50 Macy’s giftcard from Christmas and was off to the store!

My Wish List

  • Pointy-toed black heels
  • Black blazer
  • Gold dress
  • Chambray shirt
  • Career Basics (skirts, button down shirts, etc.)
  • Boot tray
  • K-cups
  • baubles

I wanted to look for a pair of black pointy-toed shoes at the thrift store– I am just venturing into pointy-toed shoes and I don’t want to spend a lot on something that is a new trend for me.  But, I went the wrong way and ended up re-vamping my shopping trip.  My first stop ended up being a plaza with Payless Shoe Store, Famous Footwear, and Dots. I found a pair of over-the-knee boot socks and a peacock ring (!) both on clearance.  When I went to pay, I was informed that they were having a buy 2 get 1 FREE clearance sale.  SCORE!  I grabbed another pair of over-the-knee boot socks.  Payless and Famous Footwear were a bust, so I drove down to the other end of the plaza to check out Plato’s Closet and Shoe Carnival.

Dot's Score

Next to Plato’s Closet was a new store called Clothes Mentor.  I didn’t know what it was, so I went inside to check it out.  It is just like Plato’s Closet, but it caters to women in my demographic, where Plato’s Closet is geared more towards juniors.  There, I found a great skirt with the tags still on!  It was originally $40, but I purchased it for $6.  I also found a nice long-sleeved silk top from Target for $5.  These two items will make great additions to my teaching wardrobe.  I did walk next door to Plato’s Closet, but I didn’t find any shoes or really feel like looking through the racks.  Next, I went to Shoe Carnival.  There, I found several styles of black pointy-toed shoes priced very reasonably.  I purchased a pair for $20.

Next up, I went to the mall.  I wanted to go to JC Penney to try on the gold dress and look at their career wear.  I also wanted to look at Macy’s since I have a giftcard and Old Navy for a chambray shirt.  I went to Penney’s first and grabbed a medium in the gold dress.  I also tried on some black blazers.  The gold dress was a little big, so I wanted to try a small, but the only one was on the mannequin.  I didn’t feel like hunting someone down and asking them to undress the mannequin, so I passed.

On the way to Old Navy, I stopped into Bath and Body Works.  I don’t traditionally shop there, but they had lots of mini’s on sale for 3 for $10.  I did end up purchasing some cashmere hand lotion, blackberry face mask, and aloe self-tanner gel.  My time in Old Navy was short-lived, I knew exactly what I was there for and I didn’t do much browsing.  I did go to Macy’s, but I had some trouble navigating the store.  It was over-crowded with clearance merchandise and I couldn’t figure out where I should be shopping–misses, women’s, etc.

After the mall, I went to Target.  I wanted to look for a boot tray that I had seen in the Dollar Spot earlier this season.  No such luck– they were sold out of all boot trays.  They did have k-cups on sale which made it all better.  I purchased some earrings and some cosmetics, as well.  That was the last stop of the day, so after that it was time to head home and spend time with my BF.

Earrings and Makeup

I can’t wait to start mixing and matching outfits for school.  And, tomorrow I will have to write my syllabus.


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  2. […] week, I shared with you all the goodies from my shopping trip.  I felt really good about the new additions to my teaching wardrobe and I […]

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