Mixing In

Last week, I shared with you all the goodies from my shopping trip.  I felt really good about the new additions to my teaching wardrobe and I couldn’t wait to see how the new shirt and skirt would fit in.  Here are several basic outfits that I created with the long-sleeved silk shirt.  (I didn’t feel like completely trashing my closet by dragging out a ton of clothes, so you will notice that these items are relatively simple= shirt+skirt, shirt+pants– I didn’t even get to the cardigan/blazer stage.)  I can think of at least 3 more outfits with this shirt by adding a cardigan or blazer to the mix.

Additionally, here are some casual outfits that I created with the newly purchased chambray shirt.  I had a little more trouble with this one– but that just means that I will have to keep trying.

Class starts next week, so check back to see what I wore the first day. I will be teaching a Tuesday/Thursday class and a Friday only class. (I should get back to my syllabus!)


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