Today Was a “Better” Day

Some days are better than others, and today was one of those betters.  Today I reviewed the material that we covered on Tuesday.  We were working within the same chapter so I had prepared two worksheets for my students to complete.  They did fairly well on them, which made me proud.  The worksheet was designed to let them know how well they were grasping the information.

Afterward, we did our first “speaking” assignment.  I use the quotes because the person in the front of the room does not speak– the audience does.  What am I talking about?  Pictionary!  Yes, I broke the class up into 3 groups and had them compete against each other in a game of Pictionary.  This is a great exercise to do in the beginning of the semester because it helps to get the students acquainted with some of their classmates and over the fear of getting up in front of the classmates.  On the introduction questionnaire, most students say that their biggest fear is looking stupid– so I put them into a situation where they are expected to be silly.

Lastly, we went over the expectations for their first outline which is due on Tuesday and I assigned them their first homework assignment on My Speech Lab.  I am always a little nervous for them the first time around!

Since today was supposed to be a fun day, I selected an outfit that is somewhat casual in comparison to my other outfits.  Plus, it was rainy and cold.  This was one of the outfits that I composed earlier in the week but decided not to wear.

Brown turtleneck: Old Navy. Printed scarf: gift from mother-in-law. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Fishnet tights: Target. Brown pointy toed pumps: (thrifted.) Bronze feather earrings: Charlotte Russe. Shell bracelet: Jewelry Superstore. Gold Watch: Wal-Mart.

earrings: Charlotte Russe. Shell bracelet: Jewelry Superstore. Gold Watch: Wal-Mart.


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