Warm Tuesday

We had an unseasonably warm day here in the northeast. Although it was windy, the temperature was quite pleasant. I put on my boots before realizing that I wouldn’t need them today. (I wear my galoshes or winter boots to school and then change into my shoes in the teacher’s lounge.)

A few days ago when I was straightening up my side of the bedroom I was putting clothes away in the closet and I happened to catch a glimpse of several items that I haven’t worn in awhile and some what forgot that I owned. I think it really is true what they say– out of sight; out of mind. It almost made me want to re-arrange my closet so that I had a new set of items front and center. I didn’t.

But, I did pull out a few pieces that sparked some inspiration. One of them was the scarf that I wore today. The scarf was really the starting piece for the entire outfit. From there I pulled out the dark brown in the pants (another forgotten closet item), the pink from the button up, and the cardigan to make it seasonably appropriate. Without the scarf, I don’t think that the outfit would have felt pulled together.  I tried on 4 different pairs of shoes: my pointy-toed brown pumps, a pair of round toe brown pumps, a pair of oxford-ish brown shoes and my nude pumps.  I felt that the brown was too expected, and the nude was a great way to tie in the lighter color of the cardigan.  Overall, I was very pleased with how this outfit turned out.

Pink button up: (thrifted.) Cardigan: Old Navy. Scarf: (unknown.) Black belt: Wal-Mart. Brown pants: (unknown.) Nude pumps: Target. Bronze hoops: Charlotte Russe. Gold Watch: Wal-Mart.

My students were balls of energy today! I was excited by their alertness, but then it came time to get down to business and they had a little trouble settling down. They had a quiz over chapter 2 and a few of them didn’t do as well as I felt they should. I’m all for having fun but not at the expense of learning. They turned in their first big assignment, so tomorrow I will be spending my afternoon grading papers to return to them on Thursday.

I had a smaller class than usual today. I think that I may have found my core group of students. I dropped from 22 down to 17. I will probably lose a few more along the way, but that (unfortunately) is to be expected.

What did you wear on this windy but warm-ish day?


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