Not So Good

Last week, I posted about a day that was one of the good ones.  Well, today was one of the not good ones.  I guess that it is only fair since I had a really good teaching day last week that I have a not so good one this week.  In my T/TR class I had to ask a student to move to another desk because she was being disruptive by playing on her cell phone and talking to her table mate.  That is never easy to do in the middle of lecture.  Then, I come home to a voicemail from my department chair in regards to students in my Friday class.  They have their first big homework assignment due tomorrow and a few of them are feeling overwhelmed.  Two students from that class went to complain about my teaching style and the demands of the class.

So, not a good day.  Of course I want my students to like me and think that I am a fun, interesting, and good teacher.  But, I also have to lay down the law and discipline them when necessary.  (My semesters always seem to get a little rocky when my non-traditional students feel pushed beyond their comfort zone.)  I would like to simply say “It’s not me!”  But, since it keeps happening, I think that I need to recognize the part that I play and figure out what to do differently.  It does not make me happy when my students feel frustrated and complain about me or my class.

On this not good day, I did complete my challenge of wearing two items from my wardrobe that had been pushed to the back of my closet and nearly forgotten.  The first is the gray blazer with the black detailing.  The second is the black and white pinstriped pants.  I know why I don’t wear either of them that often.  The blazer is itchy on my neck and even when I wear it with a collared shirt, it still bugs me.  The pants are an odd shade of black– sometimes I even think that they may be navy.  And, they are a weird length/leg opening.  It is very difficult trying to find a shoe that looks good with them.  I am so conscientious of this that I took off my shoes for the pictures!  Oh well, I tried.

Gray Blazer: (thrifted.) White button up: Old Navy. Black belt: Wal-Mart. Black pinstriped pants: Old Navy. Zodiac necklace: Target.

P.S. I feel compelled to tell you that I took these pictures after class rather than before. Most of the time I take my pictures before I go off to school, but today I ran out of time.

P.P.S. Sorry if I seem a little defeated, but I sort of feel it after the complaints.


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