Ahoy Matey- The Speeches Have Arrived

Today was the first round of speeches for my students. I know that it is one of their most dreaded days, but it is one of my favorites! I really look forward to hearing their speeches. Because I have a large class, only 8 students were able to deliver their speeches. The remaining handful will deliver theirs on Thursday.

Because I am sitting in the audience I always dress a little more casually on speech day. And today was no different. I knew that I wanted to wear jeans, but I didn’t want to look sloppy. I based this outfit off of one that I pinned to my outfit inspiration board on Pinterest.

Blue blazer: (thrifted.) Chambray shirt: Old Navy. Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Pearl necklace: unknown. Peacock ring: Dots. White jeans: (thrifted.) Brown flats: Wal- Mart. Gold watch: Wal-Mart.

I know that some people are shuddering at the thought of wearing white after Labor Day, but I strongly believe that you can wear any color at any time.  Besides, I didn’t come up with the phrase Winter White— someone else did.  Also, I wasn’t sure whether to wear black or brown shoes today and in the end I chose brown.  Why?  Because I haven’t worn them on the blog this semester, silly. (Also, I think the brown goes well with the gold jewelry.  But, I just as easily could have worn black flats with silver jewelry.)

What casual outfit should I wear on Thursday for the second set of speeches?


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