Plan “B”

Today was the continuation of speeches for my T/TR class, that meant another casual day for me.  I started with a pair of blue corduroys and then had the brilliant idea to wear a pouf-sleeved teal sweater and tie it all together with a scarf that has blue, teal and kelly green.  I was so proud of myself and my outfit.  But, then I put on the teal sweater that I may or may not have worn to a Superbowl party this past weekend and discovered there was a stain on it.  So, that outfit was out.  I felt a little defeated, but I quickly pulled out a workhorse cardigan that I’ve paired with the blue coords before.  It may not be the most inspired outfit, but at least I didn’t go to school naked.

Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Blue scoopneck t-shirt (underneath): Old Navy. Purple scarf: Wal-Mart. Blue courderoys: Old Navy. Brown belt: (thrifted.)

I have a “fancy” outfit planned for tomorrow.  I noticed that my outfits on Friday’s seem like I don’t put in very much effort.  When I look at the outfits that I have worn this semester the 3 that are my least favorite are the 3 outfits that I’ve worn on Friday.  So, I plan on breaking this trend starting tomorrow!


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