Fancy Friday

This was not the fancy outfit that I had intended to wear, but I think that it is a step in the right direction, nonetheless. Originally, I had planned to do a version of winter shorts. I have really been wanting some winter shorts, and many stores have clearanced theirs out. The problem is that they are all too short! Even though I intend to wear them with tights, I still want them to be a reasonable length. (I still go back to the middle school rule of fingertip length.) But, I do have a pair of dressy walking shorts that became all the rage a few years back.

In my mind, I envisioned wearing those with black opaque tights, black shoes, and my tan and black ruffled blouse. In my head the outfit hit all the right notes, but when I put the pieces on together something was off. I think it was the shorts. One, they are cut very slim and the way they tapered towards my knee was not working. Two, the tights almost seemed too opaque– I have a hunch that a sheer black would have looked better. But, I didn’t have endless time to get ready in the morning, so I quickly had to improvise.

I swapped the walking shorts out for a pair of wide legged khaki trousers. I liked the look enough to wear it, but I still don’t love the look. I left the black tights on for some added warmth (it has snowed non-stop since yesterday) and paired them with my black oxford-ish shoes. I tried on other black shoes, but those ones seemed most sensible with the weather report and I haven’t worn them on the blog this semester. (How do people without style blogs make these difficult fashion choices?!?)

Black and tan ruffled blouse: Ann Taylor (thrifted.) Black v-neck tee: Old Navy. Dark khaki trousers: Old Navy. Black tights: Wal- Mart. Black shoes: Payless

Today, I showed my students several video’s of informative speeches to help them understand how to go from their outline to the finished product.  They also had the opportunity to practice filling out the peer evaluation forms so that next week they are ready to go.  I thoroughly believe that they can glean a lot from the evaluation form as both a listener and a speaker.  Once they know what items their audience will be listening for to grade them they can make sure that they have those items in their speech.

After they watched speeches we began discussing outlining.  We were not able to make it through the entire chapter, but I think that the slower pace is more what they need.  We will be able to finish the outlining chapter and discuss introductions and conclusions next week after their speeches.

Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?  Will you be wearing red on Tuesday or do you find theme dressing to be too cliche?


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