Valentine’s, Teaching, and Shopping

Tuesday was back to the grind– my students are back at square one of the speech making process.  This time, though, they are armed with more knowledge about the overall process.  That includes selecting and narrowing a topic, writing the specific purpose and central idea, audience analysis, researching, and outlining.

I try to stress to them that I want to see improvement the second time around.  They have the ability to redeem themselves and correct any mistakes that they made the first time around.  Hence, the reason why the first speech is called a “Basic Informative Speech” and the second one is “advanced.”  Now that we have discussed audience analysis, finding research materials, introductions and conclusions, and outlining I expect more from them.  I want to see them utilize the information that they have learned.

For this Valentine’s Day I made it a point to wear red.  Sort of.  I still want to be taken seriously.  This is the reason that I don’t wear apple appliqued vests and drink from a coffee mug that says “World’s Greatest Teacher.”  I want to be chic and stylish teacher.  So, for my Valentine’s Day offering, I chose a burgundy silk top.  This top also happens to be new.  Now, before you start to launch into a lecture about buying new clothes when I have a closet full of items that I have yet to wear this semester, let me just say that it was $4. YUP!

Beige cardigan: Old Navy. Burgundy silk blouse: JC Penney. Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Khaki trousers: JC Penney. Gold Watch: Wal-Mart. Nude heels: Target.

And purchased new.  Not thrifted.  Still think that I deserve a finger wagging lecture?  Me neither.  My secret?  J.C. Penney’s.  You’ve probably seen the commercials announcing their new pricing strategy.  They are going to have most items at an everyday value price.  A price that is so reasonable it will rarely go on sale.  Then, they will have their items that are featured for the month and will be on sale for the duration.  The third category is what they call the best price.  These are items that are marked down the first and third Friday’s of every month.

Their new pricing strategy is working for me!  My BF and I stopped in there because we had a few minutes to kill before seeing Safe House last Saturday.  By my calculations, that is about a week after they would have taken their best price markdown.  I found several items dirt cheap.  Like $4 dirt.  I showed considerable restraint, mostly due to the fact that I only had a few minutes to shop and my BF was there, and merely purchased the silk burgundy top for $4, a black and gold brocade-esque pencil skirt for $4, and a black lace skirt for $9.  Although the black lace skirt was a little much, I had actually purchased said black lace skirt back in November or December for $25, but ended up returning it because I felt guilty for buying myself items during the holiday season.  So, I feel like it was somehow meant to be.

Long story short, I have always shopped at J.C. Penney’s, but now I will be certain to stop by much more frequently– especially on those best deal Friday’s.  Look for me to wear my newly acquired items very soon.  Also, check out this great Winter Remix that I participated in, along with 70+ other gals, over at What I Wore.  So fun.


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