Teaching (Vicariously)

Today, I didn’t have to teach. It was a nice change of pace for me and my students. I had someone from the Writing Center at my college come to my class and conduct an Outline Workshop. She brought a newspaper article for each group to read and then organize the information in the article based on one of the organizational patterns from their book. I think that the exercise went really well. It was nice to see how another instructor interacts with the students.

This may sound weird, but I was almost sad to “waste” this outfit on a day when I wasn’t really teaching–even though I was in the classroom the whole time, flitting about from group to group and helping the students with their exercise. Plus, I have a casual outfit planned for tomorrow since my Friday students are delivering their first round of speeches. But, I am also trying to break the barrier of that class and bring my outfits up to another level. I think that by the end of the week I am low on creative energy and take the easy route with my Friday outfits. We will see! I never actually know what I am going to wear until I get up in the morning and get dressed. And even then, there are last-minute changes because an outfit didn’t work out, or something needed to be ironed, etc.

As promised, this is the $4 skirt that I recently purchased. This was the outfit that instantly came to mind when I picked it up off the rack, but I can also see pairing it with a crisp white button down, a black button down (of course), and I tried it with a red sweater and liked the result.

Black turtleneck: Old Navy. Gold earrings: Wal-mart. Black and gold brocade-esque pencil skirt: JC Penney. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Black tights: Wal-Mart. Black pumps: Payless.

Today, when I walked into the faculty lounge two of my co-workers lauded me with praise and gushed over my new skirt. Let’s just say that I was over the moon! It feels good to receive compliments on how you look and what you wear. They don’t know about my blog, but I have a feeling that they will soon. Especially, since they always comment on my outfits.
Stop back tomorrow to see if I went casual or dressy for my Friday class.


One comment on “Teaching (Vicariously)

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