Simple Friday

Yesterday was speech day for my Friday students.  I have 13 students on the official class register, but only 6 showed up to deliver their speeches.  And then two left because of a minor misunderstanding.  Of the four who delivered their speeches they did well for the first time around.  I look forward to hearing their next speeches.

Although I really wanted to break the trend of un-inspired Friday outfits, I am not so sure that this sweater and trouser combo really achieved that.  It’s a lot to ask of two simple pieces.  But, that is not to say that I don’t like the outfit.  I liked it enough that I wore it.  I have been trying to wear this sweater since I received it at Christmas.  But, it has been giving me problems.

It is cut very close and it’s a thin knit so it’s a challenge to find the right bottom to wear with it.  Also, I love the gathering detail on the shoulder, but it creates an odd neckline.  And then it’s like, do I wear a necklace or a scarf?  Or, do I let the shoulder detail serve as the accent?  Some clothing items are like that– unruly children, but you love them anyway!

Red sweater: gift from mother-in-law. Silver shell necklace: K-Mart. Denim trousers: Target. Black and gray shoes: Payless. Pandora bracelet and beads: gift from mother-in-law.

Two weeks from yesterday, my mentor will be visiting my classroom to assess my teaching abilities. I am both excited and nervous. I am excited to hear her feedback and suggestions since I have been having a rough time with this particular class, but I am also nervous because I want to do well and succeed. I really enjoy teaching and I want to continue teaching with my college for a long time.

Any teachers out there with any advice? I’d love yo hear it.


2 comments on “Simple Friday

  1. Cute outfit! And good luck with your teaching review–have you ever read “Teach Like a Champion”? It’s full of brilliant ideas, and it completely changed the way that I teach. Highly recommend it!

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