I don’t usually create posts based on my casual wear— after all the main point of the blog is about being a young and stylish teacher.  But, sometimes I do.  This is one of those times.  There are two reasons for this groundbreaking decision.  First, I really liked my spur-of-the-moment casual hairstyle and I think that this may be a farewell post for this cardigan.  There are several pieces in my wardrobe that I think it is time to part with.

Argyle boyfriend cardigan: Old Navy. White long sleeved t-shirt: Old Navy. Silver earrings: Wal-Mart. Bootcut jeans: Target. Gray boots: Old Navy.

Many of these are items that I purchased long ago and have gotten adequate value from.  While others are items that were so cheap I just couldn’t resist.  I am really trying to break myself of that habit, though.  What is the point of having 4 different white dress shirts hanging in the closet if one of them looks a little dingy, one is 3/4 length sleeve and wrinkles easily (re: non-professional), one is a man’s dress shirt and isn’t tailored for a woman, and the last one is just O.K.– good for wearing under blazers or sweaters but not as a stand alone piece?  Right, there is no point.  Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned the possibility of cleaning out my closet?  While I still don’t have time for the major undertaking that I know the project is going to be, there are at least 5 pieces off the top of my head that I know I can purge.

I digress.

This sweater is cute, but it is starting to look a little ragged.  Plus, there are very few pieces that work well with it– a white shirt, a charcoal shirt, a purple silk shirt, and that’s about it!  So, the offenses of this item are 1. raggedy worn look, 2. minor ability to mix and match.  And, for these offenses I sentence this cardigan to the garbage can.  (I don’t even think that this is Goodwill worthy.)

How do you justify letting an article of clothing go?  And what criteria do you use to determine if it is swap-worthy, donate-able, consignment shop material, or garbage?



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