Cabin in the Woods

After cleaning out and organizing my closest on Monday (post to come), I was excited to wear several items in my closet.  One of those items is on the must-wear or get-rid-of list, but it needed ironed.  This was an item that I elected to wear.  I don’t wear this dress often, mostly because it is a Spring fabric and cut with a Fall color pattern.  But, I was determined to make it work.

First, I addressed the issue of the lower-cut neckline and straps by layering a long-sleeved white scoop neck t-shirt underneath.  This also helped with the lightweight linen fabric issue.  But, I didn’t like the jumper-esque look that I had created, so I layered over the dress and t-shirt with a cream-colored cardigan.

I tried the look with brown tights for another layer of warmth, but I found the look to be too dark, overall.  Plus, the contrast with the cream cardigan was too much for me.  Next, I tried bare legs and a few different shoe options.  That is when I realized that heels did not mesh well with the casual vibe of the dress and cardigan.  I decided that I was going to pair it with my brown boots.  And then, like a flash of lightening, I remembered my cream colored over-the-knee socks.  It was like a match made in heaver.  I quite like this outfit, but I’m not sure if it’s the best teaching outfit.  I see it as more of an outfit to wear in a ski-chalet or cabin in the woods when you want to be girly (dress) and warm (layers and boots). P.S. I didn’t realize that this outfit was almost all Old Navy.  I feel like such a poster child.

Cream cardigan: Old Navy. White scoop neck t-shirt: Old Navy. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe (?). Plaid dress: Old Navy. Cream over the knee socks: Dots. Brown boots: Old Navy. Gold watch: Target. Peacock ring: Dots.

Sadly, my students and I were not on the same page, yesterday.  They were asking me all sorts of really good questions about their homework assignment, but they were asking me after I had collected them.  They made me really nervous about grading their papers.  Whenever I run into situations like this, I always analyze the situation and ask myself What did I do wrong?  Why are they asking me these questions?  I handed out an assignment sheet, an example, a grading rubric, and reminded them about the particulars several times in class?!?

It is at this point that I come to the realization that I didn’t do anything wrong.  I led the horse to water.  Whether it drinks or not is up to the horse.

Do you ever find yourself questioning your abilities in situations like these?


One comment on “Cabin in the Woods

  1. […] sort of feels like I just put on random layers in a sense.  And, this is extremely similar to the last time that I wore this dress, just with a different colored cardigan, basically.  (I think I may have liked it better the first […]

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