Brunette on the Way to Blonde

Yesterday was quite a bit colder than Wednesday. On Wednesday, people were out and about without coats and scarves to keep them warm. It wasn’t super sun-shiny, but it was warm and mild. My BF and I skipped our usual gym routine and opted instead for a walk around our neighborhood. That just meant that Thursday’s more “normal” weather for March was that much more difficult a pill to swallow.

Luckily, it gave me the opportunity to wear this gray and black printed dress. I like this dress, but the cowl neck and color pattern make it Fall or Winter appropriate, but the short sleeves push it towards Fall or Spring.

After cleaning out my closet, this was one of the items that I realized that I haven’t worn all that much and wanted to incorporate more often. The weather called for a cardigan or layers underneath. I chose this black cardigan because of its heavy weight and the length. I thought that a regular black cardigan would be too dull.

I originally thought that I was going to wear this with my short black “motorcycle” boots so I spritzed them with a fresh coat of waterproofing spray on Wednesday, but instead I opted to wear them with my gray and black shoes. I couldn’t resist the way the shoe combined the color palette of the dress.

Lastly, I added some silver accessories including my earrings and peacock pin. Oh, and yes, my hair is back to brunette. It’s just a lay-over on my way to blonde. There is still quite a bit of reddish tint, so my stylist matched my root color and gave me this all over dark blonde- brown shade. (She called it blonde, but to me it is brown. Tomato. Tomato.) I wasn’t too keen on this outfit when I first put it together, but I think that you can see in the photo’s that I was having a lot of fun and it really grew on me.

Yesterday in class I passed back the advanced informative outlines. About half of the students received a higher grade on this outline as compared to their first, but the other half went down. Before passing them back, I had the students read the assignment sheet aloud and I could see some of them realizing that they had not followed certain guidelines. I think it lessened the shock for some when they got their grades back.
We also talked about visual aids which was helpful for many of them because they had no idea what type of visual aid to use for their second speech. It is a requirement of my school that they have a visual aid for 3 speeches.

Lastly, I am thinking about getting my teacher’s license. Since I didn’t go to college to become a teacher I don’t have a very strong pedagogical background. Most of what I know about teaching I have learned from others or feeling through it myself. This is all well and good, but I’d like a little more structure and knowledge to frame my teaching style. I briefly looked into my states requirements, but I am finding it difficult to figure out all what is necessary. It looks like a teaching license is only for public high schools and has no bearing on teaching college. Anyone out there have any imput?


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