Today was the big day!  Well, big for me.  I had one of the full-time teachers at my college come to my classroom to observe my teaching abilities.  Although I know her and like her, I was still very nervous.  Getting up in front of the students and teaching is hard enough, but to know that someone is evaluating how well you do it is frightful.  But, I understand that is the same feelings that my students have when they have to deliver their speeches.

I had planned on wearing a white dress shirt, blue blazer, and khaki’s, but that is not what I actually wore.  I recently watched some video’s about world-class teachers and one of the model educators was wearing that very outfit.  But, today was forecast to be super-nice and warm, so I opted to go with an outfit that I composed sometime last week, but couldn’t quite bring to fruition because it was too cold to wear it.  Not today!  It is still based on navy blue and white, but just in a different way.  I didn’t realize it until now, but this outfit sans shoes, is entirely thrifted!

First, I lectured over chapter 9: Wording You Speech.  I passed out an outline with missing keywords for the students just like last week.  (If it works, I am going to keep doing it!) My evaluator only had to stay for 1 hour and 15 minutes, which was just enough time for us to cover the first chapter.  Then, I gave them a sample outline that had several things wrong and a grading sheet and had them play teacher.

This exercise worked better than I had expected, but it also took longer than I anticipated.  I think that it was really good to show the students what I look for when evaluating their outlines.  Plus, it was another way to really hammer home all the requirements of the assignment.  After seeing how my other class did on their second round outlines I really felt that something like this was necessary.  Besides, chapter 11 is on visual aids on doesn’t take very long to get through.  It’s more of a chapter that you have to read on your own rather than hear the info. in a lecture.  Also, I took quite a bit of time to talk to the students about how to study for their midterm next Friday, as well.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my observation/evaluation and for my students outlines and midterms.

Happy Weekend!


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