Closet Clean-up

As promised, here is the post that I wrote about organizing my closet while I was completing the project– with photo’s to go along with the descriptions!  I photographed and documented the process– all for you.


After a few days of talking about it, I am finally taking this morning to clean out and organize my closet.  First, I removed all articles of clothing from my closet and quickly sorted them into piles of “yes, no, and maybe.”  There were several things that I knew immediately that were going into the “no” pile– items that I haven’t worn in forever, are outdated, don’t fit, or don’t go with anything else in my closet.  The maybe pile was reserved for items that may still have some use value or that I wasn’t quite ready to get rid of.  The yes pile was the easiest because it contains items that I wear regularly, have just recently purchased, or know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will wear.

"Yes, No, and Maybe" Piles

Next, I went through the “Maybe” pile and assessed the value and potential of each item.  I am extremely proud to say that only 4 items moved from the maybe pile into the keep pile: a gray short-sleeved shirtdress that I am either going to wear very soon or toss, a pair of casual khaki’s that I feel the need to hang on to, a pink and majenta cardigan that I think is spring-y/summery and will try to incorporate, and a casual white dress shirt that I think would be good for occasions when a formal white button up would be too stuffy.  However, the caveat with all of these items is that they may have survived this purge, but if I don’t wear them or make use of them in the next few months, they won’t survive the winter/spring closet swap.  (Yes, I have spring and summer clothes in plastic clothes storage bags underneath my bed and some in my dresser drawers!)

Lastly, I sorted through the “no” pile and separated them into two groups: ones to take to the consignment shop and ones to donate to the Goodwill.  I do have a few items in the consignment shop pile that I am uncertain that they will want.  Those items will then go into the Goodwill pile.

One for Goodwill and One for Consignment

My next step is to decide how to make my closet space more functional.  I have already decided that I will move the jackets and coats to the bedroom closet.  (My BF has his clothes in the bedroom closet, but my clothes somehow ended up in the hall closet.  I like having a closet to myself, but I do feel that if we made efficient use of the space we could both have our clothes in the bedroom closet.  Not to mention that the bedroom closet is more set-up for clothes storage while the hall closet is more for vacuum cleaners and coats.  Sigh.)  My second big decision is to use only one style of hangar– plastic.  I have enough plastic hangars for all of my hanging clothes, even though some of them are different colors.  I don’t think I have quite enough of the different colors to use them as a secondary level of organization, i.e. all business tops on lavender, etc.  So the color of the plastic hanger will just be meaningless.

After a little trial and error, I decided to put my dresses on the right hand side with the least worn ones closest to the back of the closet.  Next, I hung my cardigans and then blouses.  I purposely did this so that they would hang right above the accessible floor space.  I plan on using this floor space for shoe storage.

Loading Back In

Then, in the left hand side of the closet I hung a closet organizer that creates a double rod.  I had this item just hanging out underneath of my bed.  On the top bar I hung some blazers and jackets– again putting the least worn towards the back of the closet.  On the bottom row I hung the other half of my jackets and blazers and then my pants and skirts.

So far I am really liking the new organization system.  Of course, I will have to see if it is actually practical for my lifestyle.

Then, I reorganized the miscellany on the top shelf and created a space where I can organize and store my purses and bags– which are currently stored under the bed.  I also added my scarves to this shoe organizer that I re-purposed for belts awhile ago.  I folded this in half and hung it on the left hand side with the blazers and skirts.

Scarves and Belts

The clean-up phase consisted of a quick browse through my shoes, where I decided that it was time to let a few pairs go.  I also collected a bit of trash from cleaning out the closet and shuffling around some items.  I relocated my sewing stuff to under the bed, the winter coats and jackets to the bedroom closet along with a storage tote of board games.  I also have some short sleeve cardigans that I think should be in my dresser drawers and some long-sleeved cardigans that I put into the closet.

A Few Less Shoes

There are only three more steps to this process: 1. Take items to the consignment shop.  2. Take any remaining items to the Goodwill. 3. Make a trip to the store for a shoe organizer and a purse/bag organizer.  Then, this project will be done!  Besides those last 3 steps, this whole endeavor took me about 3 hours.  Not bad at all.

I still need to go to the consignment shop and Goodwill, but this project was a success!


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