Speeches: Round 2

Yesterday was Speech Day!  I like speech day, but I know my students don’t share my enthusiasm.  This time, they were giving what I dubbed an advanced informative speech.  It is their second speech of the semester and their second informative speech.  Since we have covered the chapters in the book on organizational patterns, introductions and conclusions, transitions, audience analysis, and visual aids the stakes were raised.  They were required to have a complete introduction and conclusion and had to organize their main points by one of the organizational patterns that we had discussed.  I was also looking for more apparent relating to the audience and better delivery skills since they have been through it once before.

As I stated previously, I always tend to dress a little more casually on speech day since I sit in the audience and grade their speeches.  They also receive peer reviews, as well.

Flowered cardigan: Wal-Mart. White button-up: JC Penney. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Trousers: Target. Brown shoes: Payless.

It was forecasted to be in the high 40’s, so I thought that I would wear something a little Spring-y.  I absolutely love Spring– it is my favorite season.  The only thing that I don’t like about Spring is the deluge of rain.  But, you have to take the good with the bad.  This cardigan is the one that I rescued from the “Maybe” pile during my closet clean-out.  I find myself torn with this cardigan.  On one hand, I like the bright print.  But, on the other hand, the large white buttons and scoop neck shape are reminiscent of clothing items designed for someone much older than me.  That is my issue with this item– I feel that it is a little old lady-ish.  However, it is different from many of the other items in my closet and I think it pushes my creative boundaries.  So, I kept it for the time being.

I paired it with my denim colored trousers, a crisp white button down, dark brown shoes and a dark brown belt to help give it a little shape.  This is by no means my favorite outfit, but at least I didn’t go to school naked!

Tomorrow, the other half of the class will be delivering their speeches. The first few were good, but in general most of them missed some points on their introductions and for the time limit. I can always tell who spent time practicing and who didn’t– although my student’s think that I can’t tell!


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  2. […] Speeches: Round 2 (teachinstyle.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Speeches: Round 2 (teachinstyle.wordpress.com) […]

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