Midterm Time

Today, my class had their second outline due and took their midterm.  This class will deliver their second speeches after Spring Break.  My t/tr class is the opposite– they’ve already delivered their second speech and they will take their midterm after the break.

While the students were taking their midterm I graded their outlines so that they can have them back to revise, create speaking note cards, and practice their speech.  I did an outline grading activity with this class that I didn’t do with my other class and I think it helped.  Although, all of the students received the same letter grade on the advanced informative speech as they did on the basic informative speech.  Some were within a percentage point of their first round grade.  However, half of the students did worse on the second outline in my t/tr class, so I think that shows that the outline exercise was very helpful.

Sadly, many of my students didn’t do as well as I had hoped they would on the midterm.  Most of them got tripped up on the essay portion.  About half of them that took the midterm didn’t even attempt the essays, even though I told them last week what the essay questions were going to be.  I did have one student who totally blew me away– I can tell that she really put in a lot of time and effort studying for the midterm and it shows in her grade.

White button up: JC Penney. Gold belt: (thrifted.) Black and gold pencil skirt: JC Penney. Leaf earrings: Charlotte Russe. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Black pumps: Shoe Carnival.

Although I just had to go and sit there while they took the exam, I took this opportunity to dress up.  I am still trying to break the cycle of uninspired, blah outfits in my Friday classes.  Today I wore my gold and black pencil skirt.  The first time I wore this skirt I paired it with a black turtleneck and black tights.  It was very winter appropriate but a little dark and sultry.  This time, I wanted to lighten up the look considerably.  (Also, I wanted to get another wear out of this skirt since I feel that it is a fall/winter item.)  Although, maybe I will challenge myself to come up with a spring/summer styling for it. . .

Today I paired it with a crisp white button down, skin-tone hosiery, and black-pointy toed shoes.  I also swapped out the black patent belt that came with it, for a stretchy gold one that I picked up at the thrift store for 40 cents, I think.  Lastly, I styled my hair differently and wore different accessories to really differentiate the two looks.

What do you think? Did I manage to successfully Spring-erize this skirt? Commence Spring Break . . . NOW!!


One comment on “Midterm Time

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