Photoshop and Beauty Balms

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, dear readers, but I photoshop the pictures that I post.  Are you surprised?  I feel like most of you won’t be, but maybe one or two of you are.  While having my hair done a few weeks back, I read this article in Glamour magazine about retouching photo’s.  I want to be clear, when I re-touch my photo’s it is only to remove red-eye, blur blemishes, a stray hair here or there, and for whatever weird reason, I usually photshop out the peep hole on my door when I take pictures in the hallway.

According to the Glamour article, 77% of survey respondents were fine with that level of retouching.  Whew.  Although, I might do more retouching if I was an expert at photoshop.  I barely know how to fix some of the things I want to fix on my photo’s!  Although I don’t want to do this, I feel that it has a lot of merit.  Here are two pictures of me without makeup.  The one on the left is completely untouched, but the one on the right is photoshopped.

Now, here is another comparison. There is a new beauty product, Beauty Balm, that promises to fix many imperfections– it is supposed to be a one-stop balm “for immediately perfected skin with even tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines.” Well, let’s put it to the test. Here is that same untouched photo of me (YIKES!), next to one where I am wearing this miracle beauty balm– also untouched.

Although I feel that it does even out my skin tone and blur some of my blemishes, I don’t necessarily feel that it is any different than wearing foundation– except for the amped up SPF. Although this product doesn’t claim to have long-lasting results (fading age spots/acne scars) many of them do make these claims. This product only comes in two colors: fair/light and medium/dark. The medium dark is a tad too dark– it tends to make my skin a little orange-y, but I feel like the other option would have made me look ghostly. I really have to blend this way down my neck– especially if I am wearing a v-neck shirt.

It feels good sometimes to have a little coverage without a full face of makeup. But, a tinted moisturizer would probably give the same results. And let’s face it– it’s not as good as photoshopping out those pesky blemishes!


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