In the Middle

Today has been gorgeous–as far as the weather goes.  That, and a week-long break, helped me go into the classroom today feeling refreshed and eager.  I planned a Family Feud style review game for my class where the winners received bragging rights and a lollipop as a prize.

The game went o.k., but some of the students got really competitive and took it way too seriously.  So, what was supposed to be a fun and lighthearted review game nearly turned into an all out brawl.  Ok, maybe I’m over-exaggerating.  (I have been known to do that.)  Anyway, my eagerness was dampened a little bit.

The sunshine did inspire me to wear a maxi-dress, though.  And, I received two compliments on my Spring time outfit– one from a colleague and one from one of my students.  I wore this dress before, but I styled it differently this time around.

This time, I paired it with a silvery-gray tank top underneath to make it more school appropriate and topped it with a gray cardigan. It was a little cool this morning before the sun came out in all its glory. I also went with a flat, bronze sandal instead of a pump or a heel. Lastly, I let the smocking on the dress define my waist instead of adding a belt. I really like the idea of transforming a maxi-dress into a skirt, of sorts.

Do you have any tips or tricks for transforming dresses into skirts, or shirts, or anything else for that matter?


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