Dressing Up for Light Duty

Thursday, my students were taking their midterm.  Since I didn’t have to actually teach class I took the opportunity to dress up rather than down.  I know sometimes when I am in the audience observing their speeches, or running a review game that I might dress a little more casually– but I try not to have too many causal days in a row.  After all, I am still the authority figure and even if I am letting up a bit on some things now that we are halfway through the semester I don’t want my class thinking that they can take advantage of me.

Also, oddly enough, sometimes it is easier and quicker to pull out a dressier outfit, rather than a casual one.  Think about it.  A dress and some heels is simple compared to a pair of khaki’s, camisole, blouse, casual shoes, etc.  So, I wore a sleeveless zebra stripe printed shell, a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan, a black pencil skirt, and my black pointy-toed pumps.  I acessorized with a silver and shell necklace, a silver bracelet watch, a silver Pandora charm bracelet, and a hair-tie/bracelet.

The weather has been so nice and gorgeous I don’t mind wearing skirts and dresses!  Do you find that the weather has a big effect on what you wear?


One comment on “Dressing Up for Light Duty

  1. Emily Nelson says:

    The weather totally effects what I wear, especially when it is sunny and beautiful! Just found yoru blog, you are definitely a stylish teacher!


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