The weather really threw me for a loop yesterday.  It was sunny, but not quite warm.  After the warm spell that we had last week it was really hard to pick something to wear.  Plus, I wanted something that was quick and easy, but that looked put together.  I don’t think that I accomplished my goals.  Let it be said that I really don’t like this outfit.

Also, I had sort of a rough day in class.  I had several students come in late, many that didn’t complete their homework, and it seemed that not very many of them read the material.  I am trying to incorporate more teacher-led discussion, but it is very difficult when students don’t read the material.  Plus, the group activity that I had planned depended upon everyone doing their homework.  So, it was kind of a disaster.  And, since I have been dealing with family issues outside the classroom, I know that it upset me more than normal.

Brown dress: Target. Purple tank top: Old Navy. Printed scarf: gift from mother-in-law. Brown cardigan: Target. Purple cluster earrings: unknown. Brown pointy toed pumps: (thrifted.)


So, you live and you learn.  I don’t think that I’ll be wearing these elements together again anytime soon!



One comment on “Brown

  1. This is an amazing and professional outfit. You look good enough to earn respect while teaching. I hope everything works out with you.

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