Today was one of those rare and beautiful days where something that you planned off-the-cuff turns out really, really well.  For me, it was watching video examples of demonstration speeches.  I was able to start the clip, then stop it at key places and ask my students questions about what they speaker said.  In this way we moved through a lot of information and the students seemed to enjoy it.  I wasn’t able to lecture over the entire chapter because of taking the learning opportunity with the video clips, but it was a small price to pay for such a great lesson.  We will have plenty of time to cover the rest of the chapter next week.

I went through a few outfits this morning.  I, once again, tried to wear one of the saved items from the closet clean-out, but it did not work.  I am pretty much ready to admit defeat on this particular item of clothing.  I did, however, manage to wear this skirt for the first time.

Blue button up: JC Penney. Pearls: unknown. Peacock pin: gift from sister-in-law. Black lace skirt: JC Penney. Pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman. Black pumps: Payless.

This outfit is a “liger” because it is masculine on top and completely feminine on the bottom.  However, in order to blend the two together, I added some very feminine jewelry: pearls and a brooch, and wore my hair in soft waves.  I am also wearing new makeup!

For the first time ever, I splurged on Clinique foundation.  Sort of.  I had a gift card from my Dad for Christmas.  Since it is Bonus Time, I also received some freebies.  I also recently picked up a foundation brush.  This is the way that the woman at the Clinique counter applied my foundation and I really liked the result.  But, I bought the cheapest one that they had just to see if it was worth it.  I think it might be!  I digress.  I normally wear a cream-colored eyeshadow, but today I am wearing a soft pink– which I think went very well with my pearls and lacy skirt.

Are there any beauty or clothing items that you have stumbled upon that you really love? Please share!
P.S. Not sure what was up with my hair today! It is not cut asymmetrically, it just looks like it.


One comment on ““Liger”

  1. […] look?  I have to say that this outfit reminds me very much of another outfit that I wore with a similar theme: a basic everyday top and a fancy […]

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