Gray Skies and Blue Shirts

Today was an o.k. day.  It was not as good as yesterday, even though it had the potential to be.  I duplicated the lesson that worked so brilliantly yesterday, but it was difficult because my students didn’t have the same homework assignment.  My t/tr and my friday classes are not on the same exact schedule.  They are very close, but not exactly.  The t/tr class had to come to class with 3 possible topics for a demonstrative speech that related to their college degree or intended career and that could also be broadened to appeal to the entire class as the audience.  This exercise really forced them to do a lot of audience analysis and adaptation.

For my Friday class, I had them break into pairs and brainstorm topics that related to their field of study.  Once they had two or three, their partner and I helped them to pick the best topic.  This worked well for the students who brainstorm quickly, but for those who don’t it was a bit of a struggle.  I think that the lesson was still effective, but it is a little tricky because my Friday students don’t have class next week.  Our campus is closed because of Good Friday.  But, their outlines are still due on Friday.  It is up to them to get their outlines to me by dropping them off during my office hours, or putting them in my mailbox by thursday at noon.  Or, they can email me up until midnight of next Friday.  We will see how many of them get their outline in on time and how many of them miss the deadline because of one reason or another.

Blue button up: JC Penney. Peacock necklace: unknown. Khaki trousers: JC Penney. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Nude pumps: Payless.

It was overcast and a little rainy today.  I wanted to wear my rainboot’s, but I did not because I felt that it was skewing me towards a casual outfit and I wanted something more polished and put together.  I looked at my pinterest outfit inspiration board, but there wasn’t anything that really jumped out at me.  So, I used the basic formula: button up + dress pants+ accessories.  I wanted to wear a Spring-y printed scarf with this outfit, but it obscured the origami style detailing of the top, so I chose to wear this peacock necklace, instead.  It also happens to be its debut on the blog.  Originally, I had tried this top with gray pants, but it just wasn’t working.  I wanted something to lighten up the midnight blue a bit, so I went with khaki-colored trousers.

I tried the top tucked in with a brown belt and brown shoes, but it just wasn’t working.  I see lots of women wear button up shirts tucked in and I think that it looks crisp and clean, but when I do it, it looks bunchy and all wrong.  So, I un-tucked the top and switched out the brown shoes for nude ones to give a long, lean leg line.  I really need to do some pants shopping.  I don’t know why, but none of my dress pants fit me really well.  Whenever I put them on they always feel a little costume-y.  I think I need to go to a fancy-schmancy store and have a salesperson help me find pants that fit well.

Do you have any particular stores that you buy pants? Any fit guidelines that you can pass along?


2 comments on “Gray Skies and Blue Shirts

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  2. Samantha says:

    I like your style!! I like the style of this outfit because I have an outfit that is similar that I wear to work. The nude pumps I have are Jessica Simpson brand that I got from Nordstrom and I bought the tan trousers from Macys. To answer your question I buy my pants from department stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney, and I will buy them at TJ Maxx if I find a good deal. Almost the same outfit, except I usually wear a white or black blouse, and sheer nude knee high nylons to go along with the tan trousers and pumps since my job requires nylons.

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