Outfits vs. Clothes

There are times when I don’t have any inspiration when choosing an outfit.  These are usually the times when I rushed out the door in clothes, but not an outfit.  To me, an outfit is comprised of well coordinated pieces and accessories.  This is where I think style develops– in the ability to pair items together in ways that work.  Everyone manages to walk out of the house wearing clothes.  In order to help me through the mornings when I can’t seem to make an outfit, I grab inspiration and run with it when it strikes.  I also enjoy lazy afternoons when I can “play” in my closet.

This usually means pulling out a number of items, throwing them on my bed, and then creating outfits.  Trying on this skirt, or that.  Several different pairs of shoes and accessories to find the right look.  And then, I hang these items all together on a hanger and the next time that I need an outfit and I can’t seem to put one together, I grab it and go.  Sometimes I make adjustments to the outfit based on that particular day’s weather or occasion, but it really helps me get a jump on the morning.  Here is an outfit that I created Monday afternoon.

Look for this outfit, or a variation, very soon!


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