I can’t believe that today is Friday.  It feels like it was just Tuesday.  Somehow, I have lost myself a couple of days from this week and in doing so I have gotten behind on my posting!  For that, I apologize.

The outfit that I wore Tuesday was a variation of the closet play session that I had on Monday.  I went shopping in an attempt to add some new dresses to my wardrobe that are not black, white, or gray.  Hanging in my closet right now I have at least 5 dresses that are white, gray, black or a combination of the two.  What ends up happening, is that I always pick a color or two to wear with them.  Generally, this results in a cardigan, or belt, or jewelry.  And, while there is nothing wrong with that, per se, it starts to feel a little bland.  (C’mon, do I really need an excuse to go shopping?!? O.K. call it a birthday present to myself.)

I chose this dress because of the myriad of colors in the print.  I could easily pull out any one of those colors and add accessories to style the dress.  Or, I could choose two or three colors for a more daring and bold outfit.  Lastly, even though it is a black background (old habits die hard), I think that it helps to make it remix-able for all seasons.  (That may be a post of its own.)

Here is my photo shoot from Monday with this dress:

The first picture is the dress with black patent sandals for a Spring time look. In the next photo, I have added some jewelry. Particularly, a green statement necklace, gold chandelier earrings, and a gold watch. In step 3, I made it more teaching/weather appropriate by adding a basic black cardigan. I wasn’t loving the jewelry choice, so in the next picture I have removed the green statement necklace and added a gold-ish shell cuff, instead. I also switched out the fabric belt that came with the dress for a black patent belt from a skirt. I was pretty satisfied with this outfit. I also wanted to re-mix a fun and casual outfit, so I threw on my chambray button-up, tied the ends in a knot at my waist and put on some preppy penny-loafers. (I am still struggling with re-mixing my chambray shirt. I think it’s too big.)

On Tuesday when I woke up, I had three or four outfits pre-planned from my Monday session. I wanted to wear the magenta shirt and khaki skirt outfit (featured in my last post), but I thought I would save it for Friday. So, I wore this flowered dress. And then, I remembered that I don’t have class on Friday.

Flowered dress: Target. Black blazer: (thrifted.) Earrings: Wal-Mart. Black patent belt: borrowed from a skirt. Black pumps: Payless. Gold watch: Wal-Mart.

As you can see, I did make some changes from the outfit I planned.  First, I changed out the cardigan for this blazer.  I thought that it made it slightly more professional.  I think the sleeves are a little long, though, so I rolled them twice for a slightly more casual look.  Also, because it’s Spring!  And the shoes.  Because it felt a little chilly, I wanted to wear nylons and I still have a hard time wearing open-toed shoes with nylons.  So, I opted to wear these basic black pumps.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite of the umpteenth variations?


4 comments on “Variations

  1. dapperdolly says:

    Great pics! I think I prefer the 2nd and 3rd variations of Monday’s dress, the shoes look fantastic but did they hurt your feet whilst standing and teaching? In the Tuesday pics I like the blazer look the most, and it looks like it could be paired with many items 🙂

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