Colorblocking and Oral Presentations

On Thursday my students were supposed to give oral reports based on a group project that they completed in class on Tuesday.  Since it was somewhat of a carefree day, I dressed a little on the casual side.  Also, because I was cold when I woke up that morning.

Class that day was a little rough.  I thought that my students would welcome the opportunity to do a group project, but they didn’t seem to like it as much as I thought they would.  Well, the group part they seemed o.k. with, it was the oral presentation part that they didn’t seem to like.  Even after all this time and all these speeches, they still have some difficulty organizing their content.

This outfit is a good example of color-blocking.  But, I felt like the pieces were too disparate.  Luckily, I have this scarf that perfectly ties these colors together.  Actually, this outfit was created around this scarf.

I was going to wear my brown boots, but the last time that I wore these blue cords I wore my brown boots.  So, I opted for these gray ones, instead.  Also, because they pair very well with my gray peacoat.

After I thought about it some, I realized that my students were all in a tizzy because they had gotten their outlines back. Although I didn’t think that the grades were bad, I can see how some of them may not have gotten the grade that they wanted. Many of them received the same percentage grade on their third outline as they did on their first and second, but that doesn’t mean that they are not improving. Each time around the requirements increase–as does the point value. So, by getting the same percentage they actually are improving!


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